Kroger Field

United States of America
1540 University Dr, Lexington, KY 40506, United States
Kentucky Wildcats
September 15, 1973
Kentucky Wildcats football
$12 Million
Our Reminder on Things to Do for the Best Experience
  1. Buy Tickets in Advance: Secure your tickets well in advance to get the best seats and avoid last-minute hassles. Check for additional Parking Passes. Check security requirements possibly no bags, or clear bags only?
  2. Arrive Early: Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the stadium before the game starts. This will allow you to find parking, navigate the stadium, and soak in the pre-game atmosphere.
  3. Check the Schedule: Know the game schedule, as well as any pre-game events, tailgating parties, or fan experiences that might be happening on that day.
  4. Parking: Research parking options in advance, and consider using rideshare services or public transportation to avoid parking headaches.
  5. Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as you might be walking around a lot.
  6. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  7. Bring ID and Tickets: Make sure to have your ID and tickets ready for security checks and entry into the stadium.
  8. Explore the Stadium: Take some time to explore the stadium, including its various levels and amenities.
  9. Try Local Food: Check out the food and beverage options within the stadium. Many stadiums offer local cuisine and unique food items.
  10. Capture Memories: Take photos to capture the memories. The stadium's design and the energetic crowd make for great photo opportunities.
  11. Respect Fan Etiquette: Respect the fans around you, regardless of which team they're supporting. Engaging in good sportsmanship enhances the overall experience.
  12. Follow Security Guidelines: Be aware of the stadium's security guidelines and cooperate with security personnel for a smooth entry process.
  13. Plan for Post-Game Traffic: Consider that traffic leaving the stadium can be heavy after the game ends. Have a plan for transportation after the event.
  14. Visit the Team Store: Check out the team store for merchandise and souvenirs to commemorate your visit.
  15. Download Apps: If the stadium has an official app, download it for real-time updates, interactive experiences, and information about the event.
  16. Respect Local Laws: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations to ensure a trouble-free experience.
  17. Weather Preparedness: Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly if the game is outdoors or has an outdoor component.
  18. Check for COVID-19 Guidelines: Stay updated on any COVID-19 related protocols or guidelines.
  19. Enjoy the Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the excitement of being at a live game, cheer with fellow fans, and create lasting memories.

When most fans think of the UK, they think of its powerhouse basketball team, but the football program has been a staple at the University of Kentucky since 1881. In the 1970s, after over five decades at Stoll Field, the Wildcats needed a new football facility to meet SEC stadium requirements. Stoll Field could not be expanded, therefore the University of Kentucky decided to build a new football stadium, Commonwealth Stadium. On September 15, 1973 the Wildcats christened Commonwealth Stadium defeating the Virginia Tech Hokies.

At a cost of $12 million, the stadium originally had a capacity of 57,800. By the late 1990s, the Wildcats decided to expand Commonwealth Stadium to meet growing ticket demand. In 1999, the stadium was enclosed on both ends and 40 new suites were added increasing the capacity to 67,600. Two LED HD video/scoreboards, measuring 37 feet high by 80 feet wide, are located in both endzones. Today, the lower deck surrounds the playing field and upper decks are located on both sides of the gridiron. The luxury suites and press box are located between the seating decks. The Wildcats hope to continue to build their fan base up and create championship caliber teams like their basketball program. In November 2013 the University of Kentucky announced plans to renovate Commonwealth Stadium. Completed by the 2015 season, the $110 million project reduced the capacity of the stadium to 61,000 but provided a better atmosphere for fans. On the south side of Commonwealth Stadium a multi level structure was built to house a new pressbox, 28 luxury suites and 2,300 club seats. In addition, a new tunnel for the Wildcats team to run onto the field was constructed and the light towers were replaced with banks of lights atop the stadium rim.

In May 2017 the university announced that the naming rights to Commonwealth Stadium were sold to grocery retailer, Kroger. The naming rights agreement makes the stadium one of the few named after a corporate sponsor. The deal pays the university $1.85 million yearly over the next 12 years. Commonwealth Stadium is now call Kroger Field.